An homage to Commodore 64 Cartridges with a tiny icon and my web site name.

About This Place and Me

Hello! My name is Aaron Cornelius. I'm an ex-Corporate Software Developer, Architect, etc. and this is my web site. I'm happy you're here!

As this is my web site, I'm not going to write about myself in the third person as many web sites seem to do. My fingers typed these words with help only from a spell checker and occasional thesaurus. No AI was used to create this content.

A Commodore 64 screen-shot (faked). I still remember what the second command does. Do you?

I've been creating computer software since I first owned a Commodore 64. I was originally self-taught from the great programming magazines at the time such as Compute!'s Gazette and Byte magazine. Admittedly, the software I created was of low quality back in those days (and low quality is probably being overly generous), but I immersed myself in the technology as much as I could (and as much as allowed by my well-meaning parents).

A lot hasn't changed since then. I went to college, received a Bachelor's degree, found a job, and … (the stories will be found here).

My long career at Epic Systems Corporation (AKA Epic) helped me grow my skills and knowledge in the development and delivery of critical (and less critical) software for large and small healthcare enterprises, become an author of a number of patents (that aren't particularly interesting anymore), an API developer experience guru, and remain an enthusiastic learner and teacher.

I've written and reviewed more lines of code than I'd ever want counted. I've also deleted a lot of code (and I do have some interest in that number). Looking for strong and weak spots in project designs became my jam -- not just the impact the code might have today, but in 10 or more years (which is not much in the healthcare software space).

I think I produce measurably better software architecture and systems, designs, and software these days: my computers at Epic were commonly littered with explorations and technology experiments. I don't design systems I don't understand, and I don't recommend to others technology I haven't tried. I've always been a software developer that wanted to get their hands in the technology so I could make better decisions.

My home desktop PC and laptop share the same organized chaos of an enthusiastic technology explorer ready for the next adventure, maybe you'd like to work with me?

I'm sincerely glad you've stopped by for a visit.

Tech Stack

Here is the tech stack used by this web site if you're so inclined.


Readers who stopped by my various offices at Epic may remember my quote board. If I heard someone say something funny, or taken out of context was funny, I'd make a note of it and add it to my quote board. The quotes shuffled over the years so there was often something new. While I do have a copy of most of the cards (I scanned them), I'm not comfortable posting most of the quotes, especially attached to the source. In the spirit of the quotes, I did create a web page of my own little quotables and trivia. I'm sure I'll add to it over time. And like my office board, it will rearrange itself.

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