Meet the Editors

The typos, grammar mistakes, and poor wording choices are all my fault. My editors try to help, but there’s only so much they can get done in their busy days.

Zahara, Princess Extraordinaire

Blue point Ragdoll.

LikesHugs. Being carried around. Being a princess. Being sweet. Chasing her sister. Naps.
DislikesNot being carried or held. Unknown shoes on people. Noises at meal time. Work.
Favorite toyThe toy the humans didn’t get out of the toy closet to play with.
Languages spokenCat. I talk quite a bit about causes important to me.


Kiona, Cutie Extreme

Chocolate Mink Ragdoll. Her fur is so soft and amazing.

LikesBird watching. Bird watching. Eating. Treats. Treats. Toys time! Jumping. Naps.
DislikesNot knowing where her staff is. Delaying meals. Insufficient treats. Work.
Favorite toySmall zip ties connected to fishing-line wand toy.
Languages spokenCat. I chatter around everywhere always having something to say, especially if can’t find my staff.