Affiliate Programs Disclosure and You (and me!)

It’s Aaron again!

I’d like to discuss something with you for a moment. It’s Affiliate Programs and how they impact this web site and the content you’ll find here.

This isn’t an affiliate link generating business.

I hate web sites that are just link farms to Amazon and wish they could be permanently deleted or banned from at least my internet experience.

I use affiliate links when there’s something that I like enough to spend time writing about and that you also may be interested in. If I have an affiliate account with a retailer that I’ve used frequently, I’ll use that link to the product. That doesn’t mean you’ll pay more. In fact, you’ll get the same price as without the link.

You’ve seen these disclaimers on a lot of web sites, and a lot of web sites don’t properly disclose affiliate links (hey, it’s required even in social media posts to be disclosed, and that’s skipped a LOT from what I’ve seen). At least in the USA, the FTC’s rules are well documented and properly noticeable. I’ll do my best to adhere to these requirements.


The retailer will often provide me a small amount of compensation from any purchase you’ve made (in some cases, like Amazon, only within 24 hours of clicking a link).

I’m Thoughtfully Frugal

I’m a frugal guy with most things, so I won’t have long lists of hundreds of things I buy — because I try to buy things I actually need and avoid FOMO-buying as much as possible (even though the urge is strong sometimes). And, I won’t recommend things that I haven’t tried myself. You won’t find recommendations for best puppy training pads that can be used with elderly cats unless I have experience with them (hoo boy! — I actually do have that experience and here you thought it was just a weird made-up example).


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All Amazon affiliate links should be preceded with the Amazon logo and the link (if I haven’t messed things up). For example, if you click this you’ll use my affiliate code for your shopping. Thanks!