Trivia and Quotables


My second college dorm roommate also had the first name Aaron. In the era before mobile-phones, this meant answering the phone was either fun or annoying, or annoying and fun.

”No, you want the other Aaron.” —Aaron

”What’s their major? Ah, you want the other Aaron.” —Aaron


I have helped create a lot of developer frameworks. Many of them were quite decent!

Designing First

Ask your self why you’re building something before you build it.


My first team at Microsoft was forced by executive edict to use Microsoft Exchange as platform for storing data. Yes, as a database.

That’s as dumb an idea as it sounds. It didn’t work.

Our team was cut.


I tried your favorite programming language platform, but it was just OK.


One of my many hobbies is starting new hobbies.

Just keep guessing

One of the many hallmarks of a forgiving platform is when you can be successful without knowing what you’re really doing.

See Visual Basic versions 1-6.

Leadership Failing

When a CxO and co-founder of a future employer says: “I can pivot on a dime at any time,” walk away.

If you’re the CxO, then:

  1. Stop saying that
  2. You’re scaring your teams
  3. Find a product direction


Many of us would benefit from listening more and speaking less.

My First Computing PC

My first PC (after the C-64) was a ZEOS Intel 386SX computer. I later added a math coprocessor and I added 4MB of RAM that shipped in a plastic tube of memory chips.

Wild times.


Warning: I have not created my own programming language, yet.


I’ll spend hours researching a three dollar app on the app store to make sure I’ve chosen wisely.

Throwing it all away

I’ve thrown away a year’s worth of development (by myself and 2 other developers) due to the dropping public stock price of a third party.

It's not Todo time

Ask yourself if there’s a better way to demonstrate your framework/platform than a minimal todo list.


I beat my 8th-grade typing teacher at a speed-typing test: on an electric typewriter.


Just because you have a web-camera doesn’t mean you’ll make great videos.

Write, don't record

I’m glad you took the time to record a 10 minute video and post it on social media rather than write 200 words and post it on a blog for quick and efficient consumption.