After 25 years

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No More Epic: February 5, 2021

Three years ago, I walked the halls of Epic as an employee one last time. I’d spent 25 years plus a few days at Epic. During the days of a COVID-19 mandated work-from-home policy there were no in-person farewells on my last day.

There were no interviews with HR. Not even a largely ceremonial turning-in of my keycard. I’d been at Epic on weekends and this felt quieter. There were a few staff on campus, but those that were there had their doors closed as they were “sheltered in place.” Normally busy occupancy sensors had no employees to keep a watchful eye over. The hallways were dark.

I’ll spend a few posts talking about my reason for departure later.

But this is also the beginning of something new that I’ve been cooking for too long. It’s my story at Epic and life lessons I learned along the way. You can read about the basics here if you want to get a bit more background.

(Oh, and I haven’t been back to the Epic campus for any other reason since my last day.)

Goodbye Epic. Hello next adventures and I’m glad you’re you’re here for the journey!

Your Journey

If you worked at Epic and left on your own to find a new adventure at a new job, why did you leave? Did your change match your expectations?

Or are you thinking about leaving? What is it you’re looking to change?